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PUBLISHED: February 05, 2021


Finally, 2021 is here and we wish you hope, health and happiness. The new year may have you feeling inspired to enhance your well-being and, if you’re considering a career with us, we can help you do just that.

We’re obsessed with finding a better way to ensure our team members are taken care of. Check out some of the additions to our benefits portfolio we implemented for team members in 2020. Plus, see what our team members are saying about them!

Healthcare From Home

In 2020 we focused on enhancing team members’ ability to receive care from anywhere. One benefit that does just that is our virtual health offering. Virtual visits are available 24/7 nationwide with no appointment needed. Team members receive little to no wait time for premier service at a reasonable price. This benefit is also open to dependents (including spouses and domestic partners!).

“It's an amazing resource to have in general to save time on the commute to the doctor's office. What really sold me on this though was being able to get care virtually when I had COVID-19. It was a fantastic way to protect others and myself. I was weary about the level of care we could receive virtually, and any doubts were quickly put at ease.” – Brianna Daniels

“I’ve had several appointments through the Virtual Health app and they’ve all been terrific. I’ve never felt rushed, and the practitioners have all been extremely professional and easy to work with.” – Marge Stevens

Another top benefit is the Rock Health Collective, our health center located in downtown Detroit that provides premium health care exclusively to our team members. We introduced virtual visits with the health center to support team members with continued care through the COVID-19 pandemic. The health center also has a dedicated pharmacy for team members. It offers generic, specialty, and brand-name prescriptions for less than community rates from a high-quality care team. We recently expanded pharmacy services to Arizona and Ohio team members and their dependents. In many cases, due to heavily discounted pricing, prescriptions are filled at little to no copay.

“I switched my prescriptions from a local pharmacy to the Rock Health Collective. They have been very supportive and provided great custom service when I switched. The automatic refills are great and they make sure to call to let me know it’s time for a refill. The refills are overnight shipped and come to me fast. They also ship me over-the-counter medications, which if you don't know, are WAY cheaper than any other pharmacy around!” – Eric Duby

“They have been an amazing asset in helping ensure I never run out of medication that I need daily.” – Megan Land

Member Advocates

For team members enrolled in our medical plan, Member Advocates provide personalized guidance with everything from finding trusted medical providers to making appointments, understanding bills and more. We recently updated the app for this program, which now includes digital resources to help team members get the most out of their medical coverage. Through the app, team members can easily manage costs, message Member Advocates, set reminders for appointments and view health-related articles. 

“I just wanted to say how incredible this program truly is. As a new team member, I was trying to navigate my benefits and get help with questions and coverage.  They have been so informational, helpful, polite and just gone above and beyond for me.” – Samantha King

“I had to call the Member Advocate prior to a minor surgery and she explained everything beautifully. So grateful for this service and the great customer service!” – Shelley Earnhardt

Wellness For Your Whole Self

While health care is a huge part of your well-being, our benefits package doesn’t stop there. We invest in team members’ total well-being to help them invest in themselves.

Everyone deserves a well-being journey that’s fun and fulfilling. Our Wellness Awards are an awesome way earn incentives like gift cards, electronics, home décor and more for participating in opportunities that enhance their well-being. Rewardable activities include wellness webinars, nutrition challenges, financial education and more.

"I love taking part in the different challenges, especially the ones where you can network and meet new people!" - Jessie Ruyle

Putting Family First

We recognize that your family is a huge part of life and overall well-being! That’s why our Family Focus collection includes resources for all ages and stages of life – a subsidy, tutoring and academic coaching, virtual babysitting, daycare subsidies, support groups and more.

“Family Focus has been a great resource and community. Not only that, but it’s been a safe space to share, bond with people in similar situations or get advice. I’ve used it to get information around COVID-19 testing, resources for helping care for my live-in nephews in special education, finding events/activities to participate in that have helped keep our culture resonating as we navigate this pandemic, and more!” – Stacie Bacon

Personal Significance Days

We recognize that feeling like you can be your true authentic self at work goes hand in hand with well-being. We are the “they,” which is why we’re committed to fostering an inclusive environment within Rocket Companies built on open doors, open minds and an open culture. One of the many efforts we implemented this year was a curated collection of articles, videos, podcasts and other training materials on diversity, equity and inclusion. Additionally, we introduced Personal Significance Days to our Paid Time Off (PTO) policy to allow team members to observe any day or holiday that is meaningful to them at their discretion.

Further Your Education For Less

We also support team members with ongoing growth and development. Part of that includes continued education. Introduced last year, the Rock Academy program allows team members to earn a degree debt-free. Yes, you read that right!  

Employee Stock Incentives

Last but certainly not least, the financial well-being and literacy of our team members is extremely important to us. Going public in 2020 was a major accomplishment that we celebrated. We introduced a Team Member Stock Purchase plan to allow for payroll-deducted purchases of Rocket Companies® stock (RKT) at a 15% discount. We also hosted a series of educational webinars from our senior leadership to help team members feel informed and knowledgeable about purchasing stock.

Visit the Benefits and Perks page to learn more about these benefits and the rest of your benefits package!

Rachael Harrison

Rachael Harrison is a Communications Strategist on the Rock Central Organizational Engagement team. She joined the company in 2016 and supports the messaging and branding of the company’s benefits and wellness offerings. Rachael is also pursuing her Masters in Business Administration at Wayne State University with a concentration in Marketing. She is driven to make well-being contagious because she believes that self-care is the foundation to thriving at one’s full potential.