Introducing Personal Significance Days in 2020

1-Minute ReadUPDATED: March 08, 2024


A message from Mike Malloy, Chief Amazement Officer, Rock Central.

This year, team members challenged us to take a look at our Paid Time Off (PTO) policy to see how we can better support the diverse needs and backgrounds of our team members. Thank you for helping us raise our level of awareness. 

In partnership with our Diversity & Inclusion team, we’ve introduced a new addition to our PTO policy: Personal Significance Days! 

When can team members use Personal Significance Days?

Personal Significance Days can be used at your discretion to observe any day or holiday that is meaningful to you. The way this time is used will look different for everyone.

A few examples of ways you may use these days could be: Juneteenth, Rosh Hashanah, Election Day, Diwali, Eid, Chinese New Year, Carnival, other significant cultural dates, birthdays, anniversaries or anything else that is meaningful to you. No judgment here!

Personal Significance Days support our mission to create an inclusive culture by allowing us to recognize the diversity of our team members and celebrate what is important to all of them.

When did Personal Significance Days launch?

We launched Personal Significance Days on November 2 to all full-time team members who started here on or before Oct. 30, 2020. Part-time team members also got a half-day to use in 2020.

Starting in 2021, in addition to existing U.S. and Canadian company holidays, full-time team members will be given two Personal Significance Days each calendar year. Part-time team members will get one PSD each year.

It’s important to us that all team members feel included and have the flexibility to recognize and celebrate the days that are important to them. We also have special processes in place so team leaders can help team members find coverage during their time off.

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