What It’s Like To Work At Rocket Mortgage Canada

4-Minute ReadUPDATED: March 08, 2024


Randi Soulliere and Candy Vasquez are team members living and working in Windsor, Ontario, Canada at Rocket Mortgage Canada. These mortgage agents break down everything from the office aesthetics to the team culture and the “why” behind their work.

Work Environment

Walking into Rocket Mortgage Canada, you are immediately transported to an urban big-city office. Exposed brick, metal piping, stand-up workstations, angular modern furniture, every single aspect of the office just oozes a downtown big-city vibe. The office is flawlessly setup for some great collaboration between teammates and leadership. No need to wonder if there is an open-door policy here; all the doors are glass and further promote the openness of the company.

Close-Knit Culture

When talking to any member of our team, you know right away that there is a certain culture that we all abide by and appreciate. We have all become family; realistically we spend more time with our work family then our own so this was super natural. As both a team and family do, we support each other. We don’t point out what someone is doing wrong, instead we are quick to assist and try to lend a helping hand. We are a family who lives by the ISMs and truly believes in them. The ISM “You’ll see it when you believe it” is 100% true and we are seeing it every day.

The Team

We can honestly say our team is the best team we have ever been a part of. We all come from different backgrounds, we are different ages and have different experiences but that is what makes an amazing team. We share stories every single day with one another. We all have a common goal: To make Rocket Mortgage Canada the best mortgage brokerage in Canada. You can see it every day in how we act, talk and treat each other because it starts with the team first. The inches we need are everywhere around us.

Safety First

When we joined the team earlier this year, it was at the beginning of COVID-19. Coming into a new workspace, we were nervous, we didn’t know how other people were going to behave and react. Thankfully every safety measure that was spoken about was adhered to. We had plenty of personal protective equipment, hand sanitizer, surface cleaner, etc., to make everyone feel safe. We have a daily digital questionnaire that we fill out to ensure that if anyone has symptoms, they stay home. We are always social distancing and making sure everyone is safe. The level of care for team member health here is first class.

Working With Purpose

When we first started, our Principal Broker - Director of Operations, Joe Markham, asked us to find our “why.” Why we get up in the morning, why we stay up at night, why we are motivated to work … It is truly because we choose to work with purpose. To find a better way to help people. We can change the trajectory of some people’s lives. We work with people so they can achieve their financial goals. We help give them the pride of homeownership. Every client. Every time. No exceptions. No excuses.

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