My Experience As An Urban Alliance Marketing Intern At Rocket Mortgage®

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May 26, 2021


My Experience As An Urban Alliance Marketing Intern At Rocket Mortgage®

Rocket Mortgage® is one of 200 employers who participate in Urban Alliance, a program that believes every student should have access to the skills training, paid work experiences and professional networks needed to achieve economic mobility. I became interested in Urban Alliance after a family member told me about her experience and how it helped her gain professional experience in a corporate setting. When I entered my senior year, I was offered the opportunity to be a part of this amazing program.

As part of the program, we must discuss our post graduate career goals with our program coordinator (PC). These conversations help PCs decide which internship would be a good fit for the student. In my meeting, I told my PC that I was interested in the creative side of things and that I liked to write in my spare time. That is how I landed an internship on the Rocket Mortgage Marketing team.

Read below to learn about me and my experience as a high school intern here at Rocket Mortgage. 

The Top 5 Things I’ve Most Enjoyed About Interning At Rocket Mortgage

1. Rotating through different teams

Every Marketing intern from Urban Alliance is given the opportunity to rotate through every team in Marketing, including: Design, Copywriting, Publishing House, Multicultural Marketing and Partnership Marketing. This tactic was put in play to help each intern decide which team they would want to fulfill a full-time schedule for the summer.

 I started off my internship with the Design team. I experienced the day to day life of a designer, shadowed different team members, sat in on team meetings and gained a lot of information during the process. So far, I’ve traveled through three teams in Marketing and I’ve done many different things. Being an indecisive person, I feel as though this could help me figure out what I want to do in the future. 

2. Being heard

People tend to belittle input from someone younger. Throughout the time that I've interned, I’ve had a chance to be vocal, and that has led to action. 

If you intern at Rocket Companies®, they’ll allow you to be a part of their creativity and you will get the full experience.

3. Being embraced by the environment

The work environment at Rocket Mortgage is very inviting and inclusive. I feel included, regardless of my age, race and job title. Here at Rocket Companies, we have our personal values called ISMs that drive all our decision-making. The ISMs allow us to be open minded, a huge part of why the environment is so welcoming and positive.

4. Bonding with mentors

Every Urban Alliance intern has an assigned mentor, but at Rocket Mortgage, it’s different. I’ve noticed that the mentors here are really involved with their interns. Being an active senior in high school leaves me with a lot of obligations. My mentor not only teaches me what I need to know about marketing, but if I need assistance with anything, she’s there to help. If I need help with schoolwork, information about college or anything of the sort, I wouldn't mind asking my mentor or any other team members at Rocket Companies because that’s how obliging they are.

5. Networking

This internship allowed me to put myself out there. I was introduced to a lot of people who had connections. I’m not exactly sure where I want to go in life just yet; however, I’ve made a great number of connections from being an intern here. This experience allowed me to expand my professional horizon for my future.

Becoming an intern for Rocket Mortgage was one of the best things that I could have done for my future. I gained knowledge in all aspects of marketing, work etiquette, ethics and so much more. This was an experience worth sharing. If you're looking to apply for an internship, I highly recommend applying for one with Rocket Mortgage!

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    Dah’Marria Reddic

    Dah’Marria Reddic was a Marketing Intern at Rocket Mortgage® through Urban Alliance