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PUBLISHED: August 18, 2022


There’s no question that technology permeates nearly every aspect of modern society. At Rocket Companies® we are client-driven and future-focused. So, we’re always looking for new and improved ways to amplify our impact through technology.

The dedicated team members of our Rocket Technology team are no exception. Innovation, curiosity and care are at the forefront of all they do. They build personal connections, embrace cross-team collaboration and lead in all directions. Driven by their enthusiasm for the work they create, the impact they make doesn’t go unnoticed or uncelebrated.

The Innovators And Disruptors Program

Rocket Technology’s Innovators and Disruptors program celebrates 79 stellar team members whose commitment to both their craft and clients has propelled Rocket Companies forward.

“Rocket Technology aims to leverage the expertise of the group’s knowledge base to expand their impact throughout the business and the overarching tech community,” says Matt Baldwin, Regulatory and Financial Technology Vice President and executive sponsor of the program.

He continues to explain: “The collective experience of the Innovators and Disruptors group spans nearly our entire history as a company as well as deep knowledge of our most critical systems.”

But what exactly does it mean to be an “innovator” and a “disruptor”?

Breaking Down Our Technology Teams

Innovators are a group of team members who play a key role within their teams in Rocket Technology. Innovators live and breathe their craft, helping our company find opportunities that’ll continue to drive us toward impactful outcomes.

These high-impact team members contribute to the overall success of our Rocket Technology teams and the business as a whole.

Disruptors are a group of outstanding team members who have critically contributed to the mission of Rocket Companies through exemplary effort and broad impact. They are selfless leaders who believe in using their expertise to deliver real results. This group also positively impacts not only Rocket Technology, but the entire company.

We deeply value our Innovators and Disruptors as individuals and team members. This is why we make sure to provide tools that’ll empower them to continue making an impact.

Impacting The Outcome

Throughout 2022, Innovator and Disruptor awardees had the chance to connect with team members and leaders. Some noteworthy opportunities include an “Ask Me Anything” Q&A session and the first ever Innovators and Disruptors onsite event in April 2022 at our Detroit offices. These events enabled team members to have candid, in-depth conversations with Rocket Technology leadership.

“It’s an honor and a pleasure to be chosen as one of this year’s Technology Innovators,” said Stefanie Bashara, Principal Business Analyst at Rocket Mortgage®. “I’m excited to get to collaborate with such amazingly smart people. I know there’s a ton I can learn from them and hope to contribute my expertise as well.”

At Rocket Companies, team members take ownership and pride in the impact they have on the community around us.

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