How To Be A Successful Mortgage Banker And Get Promoted

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UPDATED: February 12, 2021


We’ve heard it all our lives: “Practice makes perfect.” That perfection comes from training.

Our mortgage bankers help our clients with their homeownership dreams. Clients trust our mortgage bankers with one of the biggest financial decisions in their life, which is why training is so crucial and important in the careers of our team members. We provide our mortgage bankers with world class training starting the first day of their career!

Banker Training

As America’s largest mortgage lender,1 our Banker Training team is designed to educate and empower our mortgage bankers to be the best they can be for our clients. We spend countless hours designing, preparing and training informational material to guide our bankers to success. Whether they are just starting their career or are a seasoned veteran, we ensure our bankers go through proper training to dive deep into the business and prepare them to hit the floor running.

“Training lays the foundation in the beginning stages of a banker's career to ensure they’re well equipped with sales, product and process knowledge to provide our client's with a world-class mortgage experience,” said Matt Winkowski, Senior Training Consultant. “Our training process lasts years into a banker's career to continue to improve their skill, confidence and production month over month.”

Who We Are

The team is compiled of SAFE trainers, purchase and refinance trainers, project managers, instructional designers, media content creators and on-the-floor coaches. Our SAFE experts are the first line of training that new bankers will interact with in their career. The NMLS (Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System) requires mortgage bankers take and pass the federal license exam (SAFE). SAFE trainers prepare you for the mortgage licensing exam and introduce you to the Quicken Loans® culture. After completing SAFE training and passing the exam, our refinance and purchase trainers will be there for your ongoing preparation for mortgage banking. Our teams of instructional designers, media content creators and project managers help deliver both ongoing and initial training material that’s relevant and impactful. While on the floor as a mortgage banker, our coaches are working side by side with both new and experienced bankers to help them reach their goals and deliver world-class client service.

What We Do

Our Banker Training team is constantly updating and reinventing our materials to provide value to audiences through different learning styles, such as computer-based trainings, in-classroom sessions, virtual and video trainings and quick 1-minute best practices. We work with our banking leaders, external teams, business partners and subject matter experts to ensure the trainings are above par.

“Our Banker Training team is top notch!” said Senior Banker Kayla Smith. “They give our team members the knowledge they need to begin a successful career in banking and continue to provide tips to effectively run your business in the long run, too.”

Whether it’s your first month or your tenth year on the floor – Banker Training is here to help!

Growing In Your Role As A Mortgage Banker

We take personal development very seriously here, so there is plenty of room to advance in your role as a Mortgage Banker. Whether you’re just starting out or have years of experience, anyone who aspires to be a leader can participate in leadership development programs.

One of the first things we look at to gauge your leadership potential is if you’re hitting or exceeding the expectations of your role. If the answer is yes, this is always a good sign. We look for team members that go above and beyond in their current role to make sure the right candidates are being promoted.

Essential skills, mindsets and behaviors that embody our leadership philosophy are qualities such as:

  • Thinking strategically
  • Communicating effectively
  • Achieving results
  • Having the ability to build trust

These benchmarks are put in place for candidates to know what they need to work on in order to achieve leadership status. If you’re eager to learn and ready to develop the required skills, a leadership position IS possible for you!

The Tools You’ll Get To Move Up In Your Role

As soon as you’re ready, there’s an abundance of resources, specialized trainings and mentoring opportunities dedicated to helping you grow professionally and support you as a future leader.

We have several training programs that you can participate in which focus on the art and science of leadership to help you develop both your soft and hard skills. Mentors are also key to our leadership training process, so you can count on having real people to support you every step of the way! Many senior leaders are involved with our leadership development programs, so you’ll be directly engaged with key people who can offer firsthand advice on how to succeed.

The majority of our team members continue to work from home in a virtual environment, so we provide a mix of engaging training opportunities like instructor-led trainings, videos, podcasts, one-on-one meetings with leaders from various teams and exposure to multiple areas of business. There are also online resources such as “Journey,” an informational hub where you can find classes that will teach you everything you need to grow at our company.

We are dedicated to building a diverse workforce and leadership team and pride ourselves on promoting from within. If you have the ambition and drive to become a leader then this is the place to be.

Disclaimer: 1Based on Quicken Loans data in comparison to public data records.

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Bianca Romaya

Bianca Romaya has been with the organization for 3.5 years. Bianca is an Associate Program Manager on our Banker Training team and focuses ensuring our Remote Banking channel and our Sales Internship is set up for success. She attended Wayne State University where she received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing Management.