Working Remotely At Rocket

3-Minute ReadPUBLISHED: June 15, 2023


I started working at Rocket Companies® in July 2021 and every moment from my interviews to my onboarding was done remotely. As a team member who isn’t located near an office, the process was made simple even though I’m all the way out in Washington state.

I’m the Senior UX Writer on my team and am responsible for creating the content for our product. My work spans our entire experience, from the moment a loan is being registered, all the way to closing. As a UX Writer, I’m kind of like a concierge at a hotel. My job is to ensure that everyone who uses our product has a great experience, all while staying on-brand. I do this by creating content that is clear, concise and helpful and making sure it is delivered when and where our clients need it.

Work Life

About half of my team is in Detroit. Although we’re split across different states and time zones, it never feels like we’re far apart. We always make time for us to bond as a team. One of the ways we do this is by having someone ask a question that will help them learn about others. Anyone can pose a question and it only happens if someone is motivated to do so. Not having the pressure to do this every day is really nice!

Once someone asked, “What food do you wish had a longer expiration date?” We got answers like bread and bananas. For me, raspberries were the obvious choice. Surprisingly, no one said avocados! The best thing about it is you still get the office interpersonal relationships even when we’re not all physically together.

My workweek is usually a mix of meetings, focus time and async work. Some of the things you can usually find in my calendar are: 

  1. Stand Ups: We update each other on what we’re doing, and how we’re making progress on things. We have these for design and for tech.
  2. Design Jam: We use this time to bring projects we’re working on and ask for feedback.
  3. Team Retro: We discuss how our week went and catch up on work and life.

From time to time, I also get to take part in different events to help me grow in my career. We get to attend conferences like Button and Confab. Leadership also invites speakers to help us learn or grow our skills. This month I’ll be attending an all-day workshop to learn how to lead as an individual contributor. I’m really looking forward to it and am so thankful that I have leaders that have a passion for helping all team members grow.

Home Life

For me, working remote has improved my quality of life. I get to play fetch with my puppy when I have a break, I can watch my child practice standing up on her own and I can work in my backyard when the weather is nice. Being in a different time zone also means I finish work in the early afternoon, which allows me to go to medical appointments without having to take time off.

I love not spending tons of time getting ready in the morning or dealing with traffic. Instead, I get to wake up, make some tea and start my workday. I will admit that I do enjoy the few times a year that I can fly to the office and spend time with my team, but I’m glad those flights are few and far between.

Overall, I'm really glad that Rocket Companies allows me to do what is right for me and my family.

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