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6-Minute ReadUPDATED: January 29, 2024


Our Product team plays a huge role in the creation of all your favorite Rocket products. We talked with a few Product team members to understand their role, hear about their careers at Rocket Companies® and relive their favorite memories. Learn more about these team members below!

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I’ve been with Rocket for almost 16 years. The first 9 years was with Fathead, where I worked my way up from a Project Manager to technology leadership. I transitioned to Rocket Mortgage® just 2 months before we launched the “Push Button, Get Mortgage” campaign, along with the Rocket Mortgage rebrand. Here, I led multiple development teams. After a few years I decided to get back into the “individual contributor” space where I focused on data intelligence and how data powers our experiences. I found myself drawn to team member, and then eventually client data. That passion for utilizing client data to make our clients lives better has led me to focusing on how we change our lens from a transaction focused business, to a client-centric one. And now I have the honor to work cross-Rocket to help solve business challenges with data. I love complex problems and tying threads, so working in Platform Capabilities as a Product Manager is a perfect role for me. - Jennifer Rademacher, Digital Product Manager

After spending about 15 years in Ed Tech, I came to Rocket Companies because I had a desire to build digital products in a new industry, and I felt that Rocket was better equipped to help me reach my lofty career goals. For the first year and a half, Pathfinder was my sole focus, and I’m very proud of the improvements the team was able to build for that experience.

About a year ago, I was asked to lead the creation of a cross-Rocket initiative focused on rewarding our clients. That initiative became Rocket Rewards. Today I lead a team of amazing product managers who are scaling the program to provide even more value to our business and our clients. - Amy Braun, Director, Digital Product Management

I first started at Rocket Companies back in 2009 as a temp working in our tax resource center for Amrock. I spent 3 years at Amrock before I moved to our Mousetrap team in 2012. I supported many business areas over an 8-year span before I joined the Product Strategy team in 2020. Currently I am a Product Manager working on our Rocket Rewards program which has been amazing to be a part of. - Derek Swan, Digital Product Manager

My career started at Rocket Companies 6 years ago as an intern working within Servicing Technology. At the time, I was a Business Analyst Intern working to define asks that our business partners had for our Development teams. These asks aimed to build out, automate and improve their everyday processes.

Currently, I am a Digital Product Manager working to a build out Rocket Rewards, which is a loyalty program that is brand new to Rocket. As a Digital Product Manager, my responsibilities are to own initiatives all the way from ideation to implementation. This means fleshing out requirements, developing project plans and creating roadmaps so that our corresponding teams can work to research, design and execute on these initiatives, ultimately bringing value to our clients. - Joe Dueweke, Associate Digital Product Manager

What was your role on Rocket Rewards and what were your responsibilities?

Though I had numerous cross-functional partners along the way, it was my responsibility to create the overall vision and strategy for Rocket Rewards. Working with our Market Intelligence team, we ensured we had solid foundations for the bones of the program and working with our Design team, we created a great experience that would allow us to maximize learning once we got in market. As the year went on, I transitioned out of the day-to-day feature creation, instead focusing on leading a team of product managers that would help us thrive. We partnered with numerous Technology teams throughout the organization to build out the Rocket Rewards experience, and we’re just getting started. - Amy Braun, Director, Digital Product Management

When I first joined the Rocket Rewards team, we were working to implement our first MVP which was targeting our purchase clients who were in the searching phase of looking for a home. My main focus was implementing the rewardable activities that the client would engage with as they read learning center articles and went through the mortgage process. I impacted the product by creating the strategy and process for how clients would bank points as they did specific activities that would get them closer to closing a mortgage at Rocket. - Derek Swan, Digital Product Manager

As a Digital Product Manager, one of my main responsibilities has been to launch the Rocket Rewards program to our Rocket Mortgage Servicing clients. Understanding the business process, developing goals and strategies with senior leadership eventually led to a launch that added two new rewardable activities and one new redemption opportunity for our over 3 million servicing clients to take part in. - Joe Dueweke, Associate Digital Product Manager

What was your role on RKT Person Data Platform and what were your responsibilities?

I am the Product Manager and priority driver of the RKT Person Data Platform. My focus is to develop and drive our roadmap, work with engineering and architecture to make sure we understand the problems we want to solve and make visible the impact that it brings to RKT. - Jennifer Rademacher, Digital Product Manager

What are some big wins with Rocket Rewards that you were involved in?

We launched our first iteration of Rocket Rewards in late October, and immediately saw purchase clients adopt the program. At the beginning of January, we went live with our first servicing reward and through that rewardable moment, we have now scaled to over one million clients! We’re seeing very positive mortgage conversion numbers for our clients with Rocket Rewards, so we’re very hopeful that the program will deliver the impact outlined in our original strategy. - Amy Braun, Director, Digital Product Management

I owned and was responsible for the launch of Rocket Rewards to our servicing clients. This means that over 3 million clients can now engage with rewards by banking points with new rewardable activities and allows for the opportunity to redeem those points toward a new home purchase or, for Rocket Visa Signature® Card holders, to pay down their mortgage. - Joe Dueweke, Associate Digital Product Manager

The biggest win we’ve had with the Rocket Rewards program was the launch of our MVP for purchase clients. We had a ton of work that impacted so many different systems throughout the organization and we were still able to hit our go live date. I was specifically responsible for the implementation of rewardable activities so clients had the ability to bank points and redeem them toward closing costs. - Derek Swan, Digital Product Manager

How has Rocket supported the advancement of your career?

Rocket has given me the opportunity to try new things and new roles that excite me. From switching companies, from being an individual contributor to a leader, I have been fortunate to pursue those career paths. I’ve also had some great leaders who have helped me grow and have had a monumental impact on my life. - Jennifer Rademacher, Digital Product Manager

Rocket has always been very open to people exploring career options internally if you feel it is something you’re passionate about. As my interests and goals changed I was able to try new things and roles that allowed me to fulfill those needs which is why I have been at this company for so long. - Derek Swan, Digital Product Manager

Throughout the last 6 years I’ve changed roles four times, and this is a result of my drive to find growth and passion in what I do. Throughout this change, Rocket has been incredibly supportive by providing the tools and opportunities. It can be challenging to know what job is right for you, no matter if you’re just starting your professional career or 40 years into it. Rocket has always shown care to its team members and makes it known that they are just as dedicated to identifying your passions as you are. - Joe Dueweke, Associate Digital Product Manager

In my former organization, I’d been a leader for over 10 years, but when I moved to Rocket, I made the choice to step back into an individual contributor role while I learned the industry.  This year, Rocket has been very supportive of my return to leadership, first by promoting me to a Group Digital Product Manager and subsequently back to a Director of Digital Product Management role. Rocket Rewards was a fantastic opportunity to turn an idea into reality, and I appreciate all the responsibility I was entrusted with as we collectively built the program. - Amy Braun, Director, Digital Product Management

If someone asked you why you work here, what would you say?

I love working at a place where I am surrounded by complex problems and I can make an impact on a solution. I feel that my work directly impacts millions of clients every day. - Jennifer Rademacher, Digital Product Manager

Rocket is the place for me because it affords the ability to impact the outcome for our clients. Building something from scratch and optimizing it to make the best possible experience is also really rewarding! - Amy Braun, Director, Digital Product Management

I work and have stayed with Rocket for a few different reasons. I love the city of Detroit and this company has brought incredible change to the city that has promoted growth and opportunity. Our leadership team is unmatched. And the mission – I truly believe that what I do every day is making a difference. As someone who has looked forward to owning a home for a long time, it’s a great feeling to know what we do contributes to making it possible for others. - Joe Dueweke, Associate Digital Product Manager

I have always said the reason I work here and have stayed here this long is because of the people. The people I have had the pleasure of working closely with have become like family. Most people I have met over the years are truly genuine and supportive. The culture of this company is what I think attracts those kind of people to Rocket and I really believe is the secret sauce that keeps us industry leaders. - Derek Swan, Digital Product Manager

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