Design Team Q&A: A Look Inside Design

6-Minute ReadUPDATED: January 29, 2024


Our Design team is behind the vision of all your favorite Rocket products. We talked with a few Design team members to understand their role, hear about their careers at Rocket Companies® and relive their favorite memories. Learn more about these team members below!

Tell us about your career journey at Rocket Companies.

When I first started at Rocket Companies in July 2016, I was an Instructional Designer Intern. I was tasked with designing training material that was used to train our Mortgage Operations team members. I was hired in full time and about a year later I moved over to our Mousetrap team where I was a Graphic Designer/Presentation Designer. A year later, I moved to Product Strategy and started to transition into User Experience Design where worked on our Rocket Mortgage Servicing site for about three years. Recently, I started working on our Rocket Card product! – Jackie C., Senior Experience Designer

I started at Rocket Companies in July 2021 as a Senior Market Researcher. I came from a consulting background and was eager to take part in team efforts that result in long term impacts. Much of my experience had been consulting and not getting to be a part of the activation team. Coming to Rocket filled that void quickly as I integrated with the Market Research team and instantly knew I’d made lifelong friends and would grow greatly by their sides.

Since starting I’ve had the chance to work in several areas including mortgage retention, new markets, Rocket MoneySM , Rocket Rewards, and now Rocket Card. In that time, I’ve partnered with so many cross-functional teams (product, design, product marketing, finance, brand, etc.) to pull together rounded insights that push us forward with confidence. – Brittany P., Staff Market Researcher

I joined Rocket Companies in May 2021 as a Senior UX Writer focusing on supporting clients on the mortgage refinancing journey. After a few months focusing on improving closing appointment scheduling and streamlining the online refinance application, I was asked to join the team working on Rocket Platform strategy – starting with the Rocket Money partnership vision. Fast forward to now – I’m leading a small but mighty team of designers as we focus on caring for our most valued Rocket clients as they maintain their financial lives and prepare for their next big financial steps. – Virginia B., Team Leader Experience Design

What was your role working on the Rocket Money (formerly Truebill) acquisition?

I was the Content Design Representative on a small, cross-functional team that was pulled together to help our Rocket and Truebill leaders answer key questions about how a Rocket/Truebill alliance could lead to so much more than the sum of the already very successful parts – an interconnected platform of financial products and services. The Experience designers and I were responsible for testing, clarifying and illustrating this vision.

After Rocket Money became a part of the Rocket family, I continued to work on the platform strategy, working as the content lead with product, strategy, experience design and research to define what the authenticated web experience would be and how best to approach bringing it to life. Our team was asked to focus on how the platform might support a first-time home buyer, so we created a personalized home buying plan experience that leveraged Rocket Money’s features alongside the rich content and function Rocket Mortgage® and Rocket HomesSM have to offer.

We then started focused work on a Rocket dashboard – a place where any authenticated Rocket client could go to access all their connected financial information, see their complete financial pictures and make informed, supported decisions. The MVP dashboard launched recently and my team has big plans for how the product will grow from here. – Virginia B., Team Leader Experience Design

What is your role working on the Rocket Card?

My role on Rocket Card as the Lead Design is to create the best possible user experience. I’ve been focusing most of my time on our new Rocket Visa® Signature Card. Spending so much time in the servicing world has been super helpful to bring the knowledge of our clients into the card space. This card will be perfect for our current homeowners as well as new homeowners to help them achieve their home goals.

It’s amazing to see the incredible work we’ve done in the product space over the past few years, where we are today as well as where we are going in the future. I’ve been a part of this team for many years and the growth we’ve seen together has been huge. It makes me so excited to think of where we will be in the next few years. – Jackie C., Senior Experience Designer

What was your role working on Rocket Rewards?

When I first started on the Rocket Rewards team, we were small in comparison to where we are today – but the fast growth and many accomplishments in less than a year speaks for the success of this team! My role is supporting product by helping inform what elements of the rewards program are going to be most important to land in our current marketplace and helping prioritize in a way that is consumer centric and good for the business.

I worked closely with Amy, the Director of Digital Product Management and her team to understand the various impacts to program engagement when we tested different redemption values of rewards for specific journeys. Additionally, we always seek to understand more about all the audiences who have potential and currently interact with Rocket Rewards. My role is to supply those insights to the Design and Marketing teams to ensure we are resonating. – Brittany P., Staff Market Researcher

How has Rocket supported the advancement of your career?

I am currently pursuing my MBA with a specialization in marketing, thanks to Rock Academy, our fully funded education and certification program. I’ll be completing this in June 2023. Beyond education, I’ve enjoyed working in various business areas over my time at Rocket Companies and I find it beneficial to my growth that we as a company do not overspecialize in one space. – Brittany P., Staff Market Researcher

I feel so lucky to get to work for Rocket Companies because it truly is a place that allows you to grow and advance to where you want to go in your career. I know now that I’m meant to be a User Experience Designer and I am so thankful that Rocket helped me get to where I am today. I am also surrounded by so many amazing people who helped mentor me and shape the designer I am today. Having an amazing leadership team that I feel supported by allows me to focus on my job of making the best experiences for our clients. – Jackie C., Senior Experience Designer

Leaders have been behind me every step of the way – from my first day writing for refinance to today, leading a team tasked with helping to shape the future of our products. Each of my team leaders has dedicated time and energy toward understanding where I was and where I hoped to be. And they really helped me define a path that made sense for me and for Rocket.

Rocket has a set of core philosophies called ISMs. One of those ISMs is “Yes before no.” Every time I’ve suggested an avenue I’d like to explore – be it a process improvement, a work focus, a side project, a workshop or a use case – the response has always been positive. 95% of the time, it’s been a resounding, “Go for it!” (The other 5% have generally been well considered and discussed before mutually landing on, “Okay, maybe not right now.”) This positive attitude and respectful approach to working together – really working together to make a difference in the lives of our clients and the days of our team members – has made all the difference as I’ve driven towards my goals. And this attitude extends throughout the design organization – from the highest senior leader to the newest intern. – Virginia B., Team Leader Experience Design

What makes Rocket Companies a special place to work?

I show up every day and get to spend hours with some of the most amazing people, solving some really complex problems. Brilliant minds. Fun partners. People who I actually want to hang out and make cool stuff with. Who could ask for anything more?  – Virginia B., Team Leader Experience Design

I’m here to be a part of something bigger than myself. I’m here to contribute in a way that improves how we reach and support consumer’s needs every day. I’m here to listen, learn and contribute so that we all can benefit from the impact. – Brittany P., Staff Market Researcher

This company has a culture that I just don’t think you will find everywhere. As a team member, I feel empowered to make a difference, in my job and in my community. There are so many amazing people who work here, it’s just really something special to be a part of. I have a lot of pride when I tell people where I work and what I do. – Jackie C., Senior Experience Designer

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