This Year’s Virtual All Companies Meeting

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UPDATED: March 26, 2021


Each and every year, we host an All Companies Meeting where company leaders discuss our wins, opportunities and any major updates for the year. Typically, every team member that works for the Rocket Companies® is invited to join us in person, and it’s one of the most important meetings of the year where we all get together to celebrate how far we’ve come.

Last year’s event was hosted at a local sports stadium in Downtown Detroit filled with 20,000+ team members in the stadium! This year we celebrated our 35th anniversary as a Rocket Companies®, so even though the majority of us continue to work from home during the COVID-19 situation, we still hosted an epic virtual meeting. More than 35,000 team members streamed the live event from our at-home offices.

Leading up to the event, we sent out gift boxes to every single team member’s home for them to open and enjoy a few surprises on the day of the event. The beautifully designed gift box included a wireless speaker, a drink thermos, popcorn, a DIY cocktail mix kit, and a $100 gift card to our in-house clothing brand, Threads.

Accomplishments from 2020

The day of the event, our Founder and Chairman Dan Gilbert, CEO Jay Farner, and Vice Chairman Bill Emerson answered questions, reflected on the past 35 years, and shared major updates for us to celebrate as a team. Here are just a few of this year’s exciting updates:

“I loved listening to Dan, Bill and Jay speak about the changes this company has seen over the last 35 years and I was lucky enough to be one of the 35 team members to attend in person,” says Casey Hurbis, Chief Marketing Officer of Rocket Mortgage®. “Although, I'm newer to the company (3+ years going strong!), I have loved adopting the ISMs into my everyday life and am looking forward to the impact our company will make in the next 35 years!”

How we celebrate our wins

As you can see, no matter what we face at the Rocket Companies®, we make sure to keep our team members updated every step of the way. We also make sure to celebrate our milestones. 

“I enjoy taking this time to reflect on how far we have come as a company,” says Joel Gurman, Executive Vice President of Web Mortgage Banking at Rocket Mortgage®. “I am truly grateful for this journey and experience that the Rocket Companies® has provided me and I’m looking forward to ending the year off strong!”

We work hard and play hard because we believe it’s all about balance and bringing the team together! Our All Companies Meeting might have been virtual this year, but we made sure it was professionally produced, engaging and just as memorable as always.

“There is no better way to show that team pride than by taking the time to come together and remember what makes our company culture so special! Plus, all team members received a special package in the mail,” says Dan Ngoyi, Vice President of Talent Acquisition at Rock Central.

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Casey Nesterowich

Casey Nesterowich is a Senior Copywriter on the Rocket Mortgage Marketing Creative team. As an award-winning journalist turned copywriter, she’s held several roles prior to joining the company. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and graphic design from Michigan State University.