Paws At Work

Melody Perzanowksi2-Minute Read
UPDATED: March 08, 2024


This is something you can expect to see on a daily basis at the Rocket Companies®. With our Paws at Work program, team members are able to bring in their adorable companions to work.

It’s easy for team memberst to apply! All we have to do is visit a website, confirm if our floor is dog-friendly, provide a little information about our fluffy friend and upload their vaccination list. In no time at all, our application will be reviewed and a determination will be made.

Making Life A Little Easier

Leaving my boy, Levi, my miniature goldendoodle, behind to go to work was always the hardest part of my day. Now that I’m a proud member of the Paws at Work team, Levi can come to work with me and break up my daily routine. For the times that I know my husband will be working an extra shift, I can make sure to bring Levi with me and not have to worry about him all day.

Sheryl Prince, a President’s Club Purchase Specialist, says she appreciates the opportunity to have her furry companion in the office for several reasons. “When I bring Edgar into the office, it forces me to actually get up, go outside for fresh air and talk to people I haven’t met here at the Rocket Companies®. Those are just the perks for me! Edgar coming in gets him out of the house, used to being around more people (he loves people) and some exercise since my garage is about a 10-minute walk from my building.”

Extra Perks

Packing up your doggie’s belongings the night before your scheduled day is a wonderful feeling. There’s a level of excitement while packaging up food, bringing treats and tossing in toys. Even if you forget something for your favorite furry friend, chances are someone close will have an extra treat to share! Your parking will even be upgraded for the day if you take a shuttle to work! This makes sure our dogs can walk with us to the building without the stress of the shuttle.

When you’re looking for a break, just step over to your neighbor’s desk and ask if you can pet their dog. They’re the perfect excuse to get out of the chair and take some time to decompress. “Odin’s a stress reliever when I bring him in. If I get frustrated at all, I can stop and just pet him for a bit and feel much better,” said Amber Stein, a Triple Crown Purchase Specialist.

Fun For All

Even if you don’t have a pup to bring with you to work, we have a Teams page dedicated to the Paws at Work program. We post photos of our doggos throughout the day, and if you have any questions, you can get your questions answered immediately. Our club will let everyone know where we sit so anyone could come see our four-legged loved ones. We can’t wait to meet all our new doggie friends!

Melody Perzanowksi

Melody Perzanowksi is a Purchase Specialist with Rocket Mortgage. She graduated from Rochester College in 2015 with a degree in mass communication with a focus on public relations.