What To Expect In The First 30 Days Of Joining Rocket Companies®

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UPDATED: February 27, 2024


Starting a new job is hard. Navigating new duties, personalities and a new company culture can be intimidating. At Rocket Companies®, we want to make your transition as easy and welcoming is possible.

Getting Started

Expect to be engaged right from the start. Our orientation team, Jumpstart, will introduce you to the family of companies, our history and begin outlining the culture. They’ll also give you a full rundown of your benefits, company resources and workspace.

From day one, you’ll start at the company with benefits. Your health is a priority to us. If you’re sick, we want you to get medical attention and rest. You’re part of our family now and we take care of our team members.

Within the first week, you’ll have a one-on-one with your leader. They’ll want to know what drives you, what your goals are and where your passions lie. They’ll place trust in you, encouraging you to jump right into projects.

Connecting With Your Team And The Culture

You’ll start getting to know your awesome team. We encourage you to schedule time to sit down with each one of them, learn their experience and perspective. Use your team as a resource. They’ve been in your position before.

Plug in to our Team Member Resource Network. We value Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. No matter who you are, we strive to offer safe spaces for you to talk and connect with team members from across the family of companies.

We have 20 ISMs – common principles we strive to work and live by. On your first day, you’ll receive a copy of our ISMs book to learn more about why we value each of them. You’ll learn how they work together, build off each other and how we apply them to everything we do.

Building Your Foundation To Achieve Your Goals

We invest in our team members and know that their skills and strengths are what makes us better. In the first 30 days, expect to grow more secure in your position.

This security is a foundation, not a limitation. We encourage our team members’ fresh eyes to spot areas of innovation. These could be gaps in communication or process improvements. You’ll learn that we believe strongly in the value of ownership.

Towards the end of your first 30 days, you’ll start setting goals for yourself to complete each quarter. These are objectives with clear, measurable results. You’ll meet with your leader for insight and support on how to accomplish these objectives.

There is plenty of opportunity for those who have the vision to step up and turn ideas into reality.

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