10 Reasons To Work For Rocket Companies®

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UPDATED: March 12, 2024


From salary to benefits, culture to commute time – everyone’s reason for choosing a specific company to work for is different. Luckily, Rocket Companies has something for everyone. Among the abundance of reasons our team members gave for choosing Rocket Companies, we picked our favorites.

Here are 10 reasons you’ll want to work for Rocket Companies.

1. The ISMs

Our core philosophies – or, as we call them, “ISMs” – help drive our culture and guide our decision making, ensuring we’re taking care of every client every time and always doing the right thing. The ISMs encourage team members to execute on great ideas, simplify the complicated and to help everyone unite in one mission and focus on what is right, not who. They’re an integral part of the success of our business and our team members, both professionally and personally.

2. Benefits

Rocket Companies offers a competitive benefits structure that includes healthcare, vision, dental, mental health and even pet insurance. Full-time team members can bank up to 4 weeks paid time off, along with two personal significance days and seven company holidays. They receive a company match on their 401(k)k and have team member stock purchase options. What makes the company stand out even more is that many of these benefits start day one – you don’t need to wait 30 – 90 days like other companies.

3. Team Member Support

From nutritional challenges and educational webinars to virtual fitness and meditation classes and no cost, confidential assistance programs, our team members receive support for their professional, financial, emotional and physical wellbeing. In the early days of lockdown, the company scheduled rest and relaxation (r&r) days for all team members to ensure they were taking a break from the stresses of a pandemic and taking care of themselves first.

Team members also support each other – collaborating on projects, coaching one another, forming friendships and enjoying team activities and outings.

4. Family Support

Team members are like family, so it’s important we take care of their families as well. The company offers various kinds of support for families, including parental leave for newborn, adopted or foster children, daycare subsidies, adoption and foster care assistance, fertility assistance, scholarship programs and membership to Care.com, which can help them find child, elder and pet care. There are also Family Focus groups that offer support and a resource library that features information on a range of topics for any stage of life.

5. Rocket Academy

Those who wish to further their education can do so at little to no cost with Rocket Academy, a tuition reimbursement program for part-time and full-time members. Through this program, you could earn a certificate or degree in several fields, including business, IT, analytics, finance and marketing. The programs are flexible, so you’re able to earn your degree while you work and you’ll receive one-on-one support throughout your entire experience.

6. Professional Development

While you may be hired for one particular job, a career at Rocket Companies may take several paths. That’s because our team members and leaders do a great job of recognizing the strengths of each individual and take pride in seeing them flourish and explore many opportunities that play into those strengths. There are always new projects and goals that require different skills and knowledge from people across many business areas.

Along with opportunities that come up in the day to day, Rocket Companies also provides specialized training for team members. This includes software development bootcamps, online trainings and self-lead courses, a professional resource library with thousands of books and articles and a leadership training program that includes mentorship and a speaker series. Team members are also given 24 paid, professional development hours each year, so they have a chance to really invest in their growth and attend company-wide summits and conferences.

7. Community Involvement

Rocket Companies is dedicated to serving our communities, especially the places our team members call home. Our “For More Than ProfitSM” philosophy means that we align corporate and personal values to better grow our communities. With the Rocket Community FundSM, the organization helps ensure safe and affordable housing, pathways to employment and access to safe and inclusive spaces for everyone. Team members are also supported in their volunteer efforts by receiving 8 paid hours to use toward volunteering.

8. Leadership

As one team member aptly put it, “You might not always recognize the presence of great leadership, but it’s really easy to notice the absence of it.”

The leaders at Rocket Companies are not only good at what they do but they’re also dedicated to growing the next generation of great leaders at the company. They’re transparent, approachable and passionate about their work and empower team members to take the initiative, share new ideas and explore job growth within their role and outside of it. They also encourage innovation – supporting team members when they take a calculated risk to think big and try new things. Because of this, team members don’t fear failure or fall into analysis paralysis. Instead, they feel empowered to be big thinkers and take on creative new projects.

9. Location

We have offices in the Detroit, Cleveland, Charlotte, Phoenix and Windsor areas and they come equipped with state-of-the-art technology and free parking. Our headquarters in Detroit includes a health and well-being center that meets the health needs of our team members, both in person and virtually. Our Detroit locations also feature an on-site gym and access to trendy restaurants, shopping, sporting events and other exciting things happening downtown.

Whichever vibrant city you’re working from, Rocket Companies ensures you’re enjoying it by keeping you up-to-date on local happenings and even offering local discounts. 

10. Purpose

Of course, one of the greatest things about working for Rocket Companies is that your work isn’t just a job, it’s also meaningful. Your work helps change people’s lives, from helping them improve their finances or credit to finding and financing their home and enjoying the thrill of homeownership.

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