Rocket SolarSM: From A Team Member’s Perspective

Dustin Brown4-Minute Read
PUBLISHED: November 04, 2022


At Rocket Companies®, there are so many opportunities to be a part of something special. And sometimes that includes starting a new business and helping to lead that to success, which is exactly what happened with Rocket Solar.

My Journey With Rocket Companies

In my final year at Western Michigan University, I started thinking about what I wanted to do with my degree post-graduation. Some close friends of mine had spoken very highly of Rocket Companies and all the opportunities available there and the amazing culture throughout this “family”, as they called it. My degree is in finance, and I knew being a mortgage banker would be a great way to combine my interest in finance and my social skills. I applied for the position and was so excited when they offered it to me.

I started my journey working as a mortgage banker in September 2019 and immediately knew that was exactly the type of environment I wanted to be in. I loved getting to know my team and meeting so many like-minded individuals that were eager to build and grow our careers here. It was also empowering to work for a company that allowed me to work hard to see the progress that I wanted.

I was able to hone in on my skills and the more I learned the easier the position got. It felt great when people would come to me with questions and I was able to help them. Nothing was better than being able to be a small part in helping people make such an important life decision and making that dream become a reality for them.

Starting Rocket Solar

In May 2021 I was approached with a new opportunity at Rocket Companies, vastly different from anything I had previously done. A new sister company was being made to help homeowners make the switch from traditional electric to solar, and I was asked to be one of the founding members. I was ecstatic about this opportunity because I’m very passionate about being eco-friendly and knew that this would be the new wave of energy.

As an advisor at Rocket Solar, I help people in a much different way than I did before. I assist clients in evaluating the benefits that solar panels would bring to them, to breaking down the cost difference between traditional energy and the benefits and savings that clean, renewable energy brings. Providing an end-to-end service from our in-house financing to installation and getting the system turned on and functioning to peak capability, our goal is to make it the smoothest process in the business.

The Dream Team

There are a lot of similarities and differences between the two positions I have held. Most of my coworkers in Rocket Solar also started out as mortgage bankers! The biggest difference is that instead of having everything mapped out for us like it was in mortgage banking, we now are working with a blank slate. We get to come up with new ideas to bounce off one another and see what works and how we can add value to this company.

We have a tremendous opportunity for growth at Rocket Solar as we are on the ground level in making this work together. In many ways Rocket Solar is like working for a start-up company. The potential for building something bigger has brought over many like-minded individuals who have a passion for solar and the determination to forge something from nothing.

Learning From The Best

Early in my banking career, I often would go into the office early to try to improve my craft. Many leaders and more tenured bankers would come over and help me improve my skills and give me pointers which helped me develop very quickly. This helped me to be promoted in my specialty to where I was confident in helping others in my situation and lending a hand where I could. 

The capture at the company is great because if you are here to learn and grow there will always be people who will be willing to help you achieve your goals. That is one of the best parts about working for Rocket Companies, there will always be a hand to guide you and someone to show you the way when you are lost. We have all been there and want to help each other, it feels really great to work for a company that works together.

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Dustin Brown

Dustin Brown is a graduate from Western Michigan University and has worked for Rocket Companies for over three years. He now works as an Executive Solar Advisor at Rocket Solar. Outside of work he enjoys cooking, traveling and going to concerts. He and his girlfriend live in Detroit with their two cats, Blaze and Oj and their dog, Bash.