Executive Loan Officer: My Journey In Sales

Mandy Troyer2-Minute Read
PUBLISHED: November 21, 2022


Rocket Mortgage® has provided me with incredible opportunities to advance my sales career and continue to help clients achieve their goal of homeownership. Our Executive Loan Officer role allows me to be in control of my business and offers the flexibility and work-life balance that I desire.

How It All Started

I was pursuing my MBA when I connected with a friend who was working at Rocket Mortgage. After hearing about his career experience and the company’s culture, I had to experience it for myself. Since I walked through those doors in 2017, I’ve been surrounded by incredible leaders, a deep-rooted culture and immense growth – I’ve never looked back.

Being dedicated to helping clients achieve wealth through homeownership has been extremely rewarding and gives me a great sense of purpose. At Rocket Mortgage, I’ve been able to work with different teams and help clients throughout my career. In January 2022, I transitioned into the Executive Loan Officer role.

The Role And It’s Impacts

The Executive Loan Officer (ELO) role has allowed me to build a business based on the power of relationships. In the ELO role, the autonomy allows flexibility, creativity, work-life balance and true business owner mentality. Instead of relying on leads, I focus on developing and enhancing my relationships with real estate industry professionals, sphere of influence, utilizing social media and becoming engrained in the community to build a referral-based business.

Being a part of the community and building trusting, long-term, professional relationships has been incredibly fulfilling. The flexibility and autonomy that this role offers allows me to strive towards my long-term, sustainable career goals along with maintaining a healthy focus on family, friends and overall wellness.

The Culture

The support received since day one – from leadership to team members to resources – has been second to none. Rocket Mortgage has provided the resources it takes to develop a successful career with endless opportunities. I can’t imagine where I would be today without the career opportunity and immense growth that I’ve experienced throughout my journey at Rocket Mortgage.

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Mandy Troyer

Mandy Troyer is an Executive Loan Officer with Rocket Mortgage. She is dedicated to making an impact on the real estate community and providing a world-class experience for real estate professionals and clients alike. Outside of work, she enjoys photography, videography and traveling.