Changing Windsor’s Future One Team Member At A Time

Alex Meloche3-Minute Read
PUBLISHED: August 19, 2021


My name is Alex Meloche, and I’m part of the team supporting Canada’s most innovative mortgage brokerage, Edison Financial. Most people choose an employer for either advancement opportunities and pay, or a supportive familylike atmosphere that allows for a healthy life balance.

 Joining Edison Financial has given me both, allowing me to take advantage of career advancement opportunities while maintaining a healthy life balance focusing on career and personal goals. This was a dream come true for me after years of looking for the right fit, with the right support and ability to provide for and enjoy time with my family.

Taking The Plunge

With over 20 years in sales and an established and comfortable position as a sales director, I decided to make a big change in May 2020 and join Edison Financial as a mortgage associate. Since then I have been promoted to mortgage agent, senior mortgage agent and now, Team Captain of our Foundations and Refinance/Renewal divisions.

Joining Edison Financial was the first real opportunity I had to realize my ambitious career aspirations in my hometown of Windsor, Ontario. I moved away from Windsor in the early 2000’s, seeking a dependable and rewarding position, always hoping it would lead to a successful career back home.

The SECOND I knew Edison was opening in Windsor, there was no question the opportunity I was looking for had arrived.

A Chance To Honour My Past And Appreciate The Present, While Planning For The Future

I have a long family history rooted in Southwestern Ontario and Southeast Michigan. Being part of six generations of builders, war heroes, pioneers and hard-working, blue-collar relatives all from this area, gives me a drive to have a lasting impact on Essex County. Having lived in four different provinces and seven different cites across the country, I can say without a doubt Windsor has more to offer to its residents than any other city I have ever lived in. 

A fresh-water, waterfront beach town located on the same parallel as northern California, with access to world-class entertainment, sporting events and consumer shopping within a 30-minute drive to Detroit, Michigan; to craft breweries and wineries renowned for their superior quality in Essex County; to North America’s most active and abundant fisheries and hunting grounds, our area provides an unmatched offering for the crafty homebody and family person, dedicated sports fanatics and adventurous outdoorspeople alike … Not to mention, the best pizza on the PLANET!  I couldn’t imagine a more accommodating and exciting city to replant myself and take my best shot at the impactful career I’ve been working toward. 

The Biggest Thing To Happen To Our Town Since The Invention Of The Assembly Line

We’ve been long awaiting the next employment revolution in Windsor. Locals have always known our city and its residents were a unique blend of blue-collar attitude, exaggerated Canadian pride and have a stubborn way of hanging onto the past. We’ve always had to support ourselves while the rest of the country watched us fail and succeed at the mercy of the Big Three automotive companies. 

In 2020, the scene changed and a new MAJOR player decided Windsor was a prime location for innovation and growth. Rocket Companies® decided the same positive impact it had on Metro Detroit and the U.S. mortgage industry could also be done in Windsor and the Canadian mortgage industry.

Much like Henry Ford bringing industry and innovation to Canada in the early 1900s, Rocket Companies and Edison Financial have brought an innovative revitalization opportunity to Windsor and Essex County with thousands of job openings coming available to locals and transplants alike. 

We are bringing new technology and a new approach to an industry that is stuck in the past and begging for someone like Edison Financial to enhance and improve on its outdated practices. We’re building a better mortgage lending experience throughout Canada built on transparency, options and servicing Every Client. Every Time. No Exceptions. No Excuses … right here in my hometown of Windsor.

I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of a mission as impactful and important as that of ours here at Edison Financial. We are already having an impressive impact on our community and our industry while we serve Windsorites and Canadians proudly, giving back to our community and providing opportunity to our people … and we’ve only scratched the scratch of the scratch of the surface of our goals! 

Here We Grow!

Alex Meloche

Married to my beautiful and hard-working wife Renee Piche since 2019. Living in Tecumseh, Ontario, with our German Sheppard, Miller. Swimmers, Music Lovers, Boaters, Outdoors people. Self-declared foodies.