ISMs In Action Award: Recognizing Outstanding Team Members

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UPDATED: March 08, 2024


We believe in recognizing the achievements of our team members as well as investing in our team’s culture. One of the ways we do this is through acknowledging the team members who live our ISMs.

Let’s define our ISMs and talk about what the ISMs in Action award is.

What Are ISMs?

Our ISMs are the philosophies that drive us. They are ideas we rally behind as a team, bringing us all together and focusing our efforts. Right now, there are 20 ISMs that lay the foundation for how we operate and make decisions.

Some of them include:

  • Always raising your level of awareness.
  • Obsessed with finding a better way.
  • Every client. Every time. No exceptions. No excuses.
  • We’ll figure it out.
  • Innovation is rewarded. Execution is worshipped.

While our team may be large, the ISMs are the connective tissue that keeps us united. It makes sense then, that we award those who go the extra mile to live the ISMs.

What Is The ISMs In Action Award?

The ISMs in Action award is a monthly recognition program. Each month, a different ISM is chosen as a focus. Team members nominate others for living that ISM, and after two rounds of voting, the Z team chooses the winner.

The ISMs in Action award is a huge honor to be nominated for and an even bigger honor to win. Winners receive a trophy, a plaque, certificate and $1,000. Each winner is then highlighted in a video and shared internally.

Who Are Some Winners And Why Did They Win?

Here are some recent winners of the ISMs in Action award, which ISM they were nominated for and why they won:

ISM: Every Second Counts.
Winner: David Witters
David lives this ISM and has used it to help his team flourish. David found extra moments in his schedule to tighten his team’s analytical efficiency and facilitate discussion with senior leadership.

ISM: The Packaging Is Just As Important As The Contents.
Winner: Betsy Cooper
Betsy won this ISMs in Action award by simplifying hard-to-understand legal documents for residents. She created guides for homeowners to complete property tax exemption applications that helped these residents keep their homes.

ISM: Always Raising Our Level Of Awareness.
Winner: Tom Gregory
Tom won this award for the crucial role he plays on the Amrock Technology team. He was commended by leadership for his passion for sharing knowledge with his team, pushing his high level of awareness and challenging his team to think critically.

ISM: Ignore The Noise.
Winner: Akua Ofori-Mensa
Ignoring the noise is what Akua is all about. Her saying, “Don’t tell yourself a story,” encourages her team to get out of their own heads and focus on what matters. She lives it, showing a keen ability to adapt to whatever situation she’s in.

ISM: Do The Right Thing.
Winner: Nikki Urbonas
Nikki won this award by inspiring her team to hold themselves accountable, to grow and to live the ISMs. Her integrity and pride in her work sets her apart and improves the lives of our team members and clients.

As you can see, we value our team and the principles – the ISMs – that unite us. 

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