Benefits And Resources For Families At Rocket Companies®

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UPDATED: March 08, 2024


Rocket Companies® isn’t just a “family of companies.” We’re also a company of families.

We know that each family in our company is unique, but the need for emotional and financial support is present in every situation. That’s why we have several benefits, resources and additional support focused specifically on parents and their children. Read on to learn more about what makes us different from other companies when it comes to supporting our team members and their households.

Parental Leave

Bonding with the newest members of the family and establishing a new routine take time. Having a parent at home within the first few weeks of a little one’s arrival can have a positive impact on the child and parents in terms of mental, physical and relational health.

We offer parental leave for team members with paid time off at 100% of their base salary as they welcome a child into the home, including birth, adoption and fostering. 

Primary caregivers are eligible for 6 weeks of paid time off after birth or adoption and provided a 10-day float bank to be used any time within one year of birth or adoption date.

Co-primary caregivers may take 15 days of paid time off anytime within 6 months of the birth or adoption date. These days do not have to be used consecutively.

Foster parents are eligible for 2 weeks of paid time off after a child is placed in their home. Foster parents can use this benefit up to 3 times in a rolling 12-month period. The paid time off must be used within 30 days of each placement.

Fertility Assistance

Team members covered under the company insurance will receive coverage on infertility care, like IVF, having to only pay a percentage of the treatment costs after their deductible is met, and a copay for associated prescription drugs.

Adoption And Foster Care

Adoption and foster care are incredible ways to add to one’s family, but they come with additional costs. To help with these expenses, Rocket Companies® reimburses full-time team members up to $5,000 per adoption and part-time team members up to $2,500 per adoption. This money can help cover such costs as agency and placement fees, court costs and other legal fees and travel expenses associated with the adoption.

Families welcoming a foster child into their home can also receive financial assistance to help cover expenses such as clothing, food, transportation and recreation. Full-time team members can receive up to $1,500 per child, per calendar year. Part-time team members can receive up to $750 per child, per year.

Child Care

Day care is often a lifeline for working parents who want to know their child is cared for and kept safe while they’re at the office. While day care is necessary for many families, most parents will tell you, it can be very expensive. We partner with multiple day cares to provide eligible team members with 20% off their weekly tuition. For those working from home, virtual babysitting is available for free via Zoom. This type of virtual child care offers singalongs, story time, arts and crafts, meditation and yoga. 

Team members also can access  a premium membership to with the cost waived. This service helps people find care services for children, seniors, special needs family members and pets in addition to subsidies for child and special needs care and eldercare caregivers.

Student Assistance

We provide assistance for families with older children, too. Qualifying team members with high school seniors can apply for one of 15 college scholarships for $4,000.

Other Family Focus Resources For Parents

We know raising a family can be hard at times, so we also offer support groups and additional resources for all kinds of families. Our Family Focus groups meet monthly, host webinars and range in support from topics like postpartum adjustment and solo parenting to expecting parents and parents of children with additional needs. We also offer a library chock full of advice, articles and hot topics for team members and families at every stage in life.

For more information on benefits for families and other ways we help our team members grow professionally and personally, check out our benefits and perks page.

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